Olkin Shoes

Reinventing your
everyday shoe.

This is not a slipper. This is a Home Shoe.
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Snug, Chic
and Loyal

Outdoor adaptable, Olkins make you feel comfy and stylish at home.

There's no place
like OLKIN.

Sweet Home Shoes. A unique pair for a unique place.

Proudly made
in Portugal.

Carefully handcrafted in one of the best footwear industries.

This is us


Portuguese craftmanship which entails peerless comfort and quality at a fair price. Made in our house for your house.


Absolute focus on unique design, diversity of materials and durability. Who says we can't be fashionable at home?


Indoor and outdoor, all year long, they never leave you alone. The best of the best friends, they won't let you down.

Feel at home everywhere.

OLKIN shoes were thoroughly designed to adapt to both indoor and outdoor environments. Whilst bringing home coziness wherever you go, their flexible and anti-slip rubber sole accommodates to whichever ground surface.

Wake up. Go out. Come back in. Never leave them.

We want to make a difference.

A pair of home shoes, there's never been, so snug and chic, such like OLKIN.