Home Shoe

OLKIN is a proudly Portuguese shoe brand, primarily born to offer an alternative of indoor footwear which combines comfort, elegance and versatility like never seen before. It is the first brand fully dedicated to this new kind of shoe, which we named the "Home Shoe". 

A Home Shoe represents the values of Home. It is there that we find our peace, our space, our time. It's from there that we go out into the world, but it's also where we want to return. Home is where we are, between coming and going anywhere. It is our shelter.

Snug like a pair of lazy intimate slippers but chic like some stunning "proud to be seen with" outdoor shoes, OLKIN differs from others in style but also in adaptability. Indeed, you can take them outside and keep the Home comfort feeling whilst preserving the good look.

They are the perfect choice for present and future days, not only because we spend more and more time at home, but also because of their timeless style and superior quality.

OLKIN represents our Home at our feet.

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