Step by Step

Step by step, it's Just a Change!

For every pair sold, €1 (one euro) goes to Just a Change and their cause.

OLKIN wants to be an active part in building a better future. A future in which everyone, without exception, can call "home" the house where they live in. For this, we joined the cause of Just a Change!

Just a Change is a non-profit association dedicated to rehabilitating homes of people in housing poverty. They mobilize volunteers to bring hope and joy, transforming homes into places worth living.

Since 2010 they have rehabilitated more than 240 homes and 65 institutions, impacting the lives of more than 2000 beneficiaries and mobilizing more than 5000 national and international volunteers. Decent housing is often the starting point for a new life and, therefore, Just a Change works to restore housing dignity to families and individuals most in need.

In their words, "We rehabilitate homes, we rebuild lives!", but most of all in their actions, they make a difference!